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Hello! A little bit about us...

A1 Visuals was started with the idea that everyone who throws a party deserves to have photos that will make the memories last forever. No one has had a bad time in a photobooth, so why wouldn't you want it at your party or event? For your wedding, party or corporate event we use cutting-edge equipment, high-quality props, and stunning backdrops, you can count on A1 Visuals Photobooth to bring fun and laughs to your event. 


A1 Visuals is the perfect addition to the festivities, regardless of what type of event you are hosting and here's a couple of reasons why you need A1 Visuals Photobooth at your event:


A photobooth breaks the ice!  No matter the size of the event - big or small - there's always something that's needed to break the ice.  Photobooths are an easy way to bring people to talk, interact and laugh together!  Whether you're hosting a wedding, birthday party, holiday party, or a corporate gathering a photobooth is an easy way to get people together.  Not only that, but you have a photograph as evidence!



Your guests can download their images via airdrop, email, and/or text.  They can share their photos/videos instantly on any social media platform.


Our photobooth is as easy as 1, 2, 3


 All of your guests will remember your special day because we create personalized photo overlays.  Yes, that frame that goes around your photo with special wording and date.  We also can match the photobooth lighting to your event color.

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